The Martine Dubin Company produces original shows, lectures, practices and movies showcased on the independent digital tv networks Newswirefm and Healthwirefm, as well as the YOGA365 app. Our network services are subscription based. Users may purchase a monthly ($4.99 USD) or yearly ($44.99 USD) subscription for access to both channels.

The company has collaborated and created original series with NATO, Harpo Studio, NYC’s Lincoln Center Institute, Burda Media’s DLD Conference, Ashoka Foundation, Curiosity Stream, Yoga & Science Conference, Automation Anywhere, Imagination Conversations Conference, The USO, Boulder Crest Institute, The Templeton World Charity Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and The Zanuck Company.


Newswirefm is a digital broadcast network connecting the world to unique conversations with society's change makers and most influential individuals.

From leaders in business, lifestyle, science, philanthropy and pop culture- the voices showcased on the Newswirefm channel educate and inspire masses.

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Healthwirefm is a digital broadcast network for inspiring the radical wellbeing of society and our environment.

The channel features discussions with health gurus, doctors, environmental activists, yoga lessons, worldly adventures and beyond. Discover something new for living a healthier lifestyle with Healthwirefm.

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On January 1st, 2021, Eddie Stern will be releasing YOGA365. The app, developed by the Martine Dubin Company, is specifically designed to provide a full year of guided micro-practices for creating positive habits daily. YOGA365 will be your go-to for a break, some deep breathing, a short meditation, or an inspirational thought.

Drawing on modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and decades of practice and teaching, Eddie Stern’s Yoga365 is a combination of daily breathing and stretching practices. These exercises reveal how a steady daily routine of physical movements, activities, and attitudes will transform not just your body but your brain functions and emotions, and how we experience life. The key with this series is not the length of the daily practice, but to consistently allocate daily a couple of minutes.

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